Digging out the old sewing machine

by mutteringhousewife

The end of the year for any parent is a frenzy of concerts, award nights, end of year dinners, and sometimes, a school play.  “Anyone’s mum or grandma can sew?” went out the call.  “Oh yes, my mum’s great at sewing” said the Muffet.  Or as I put it when I went to collect my material and instructions from a very frazzled looking sixth grade teacher, “I’m really good at sewing in straight lines”.  “Any help at all is just wonderful” said the teacher.  “I could kiss you!”.  I took a step back, I need written notice for that kind of thing.

This morning I got out the pattern.  I’m making six soldier’s costumes.  They appear to consist of a tunic, a breastplate, and a very fancy combination of belt and skirt.  I look at the back of the pattern packet for materials list.  Something light for the tunic, imitation leather for the breastplate, gold buttons, metal studs, grosgrain ribbon, soutache, metallic braid, felt and batting.  I look in the bag.  Acres of polyester and a bulldog clip.  I take a deep breath and decide to go to the gym.

Back home again I start reading the sewing instructions, always a good idea BEFORE starting, I’ve learned from experience.  Blah blah blah selvedge blah batting blah blah turn yoke right side out, press, turn in raw edges on back edge and slip stitch closed.  I check my email.  There’s one from the Horror’s teacher complaining that he’s sitting in a corner with his shirt over his head refusing to talk to anyone.  I send a sympathetic reply.  Back to the instructions.  Actually, the tunic doesn’t look too hard, even with a neck facing.  I’m not going to bother with fusible interface, this thing is only going to be worn twice and is unlikely to get its own room at the Museum of Modern Art.

After a strong coffee, I got to it, and like many things, it wasn’t as bad as I’d thought



It only took a bit over an hour, and that included wiping mildew off the sewing machine.  Only five more to go.  Then we start on the tricky bits, and I’m going to resist the urge to draw the details of the breastplate on with marker pen. I shall go to Spotlight to get the missing bits.  Not today, though.