Easy holiday lunch

by mutteringhousewife

I’m trying very hard not to Google Dirty Sanchez, the name of the cocktail I had tonight, which my sister assures me has hidden meanings that I’m not sure I want to be cognizant of. Also Cleveland Steamer, which sounds to me like a clam dish. Not looking.

Anyway, today we checked out of the Lee household, and of course I’ve been all awkward for nothing. We had a great time staying there, I’m extremely grateful to Gary and Helen.
The only thing that was awkward was the stairs. Not that I have a problem with stairs, it’s just that I didn’t realise that my knees make a kind of wet crunching sound when ascending, not noticeable on anything other than carpeted stairs. My husband has injury envy and says I don’t deserve to have joints that make that kind of racket.

In an effort to use up our supplies I discovered a very easy and delicious lunch. You could possibly make it just with a bowl and boiling water if you don’t mind it lukewarm, but I had access to a saucepan. Put a chunk of butter in a small saucepan over heat and add as many baby spinach leaves as you have left over from a previous salad. Stir around with a fork until wilted. Tip in about two thirds of a cup of instant couscous and about three quarters of a cup of boiling water and stir it again with a fork. Add about a third of a cup of finely grated cheese, it melts quicker the more finely you grate it. Stir again and eat.


I can’t eat fast food every meal on holidays, so I’m always pleased to find something easy to make that isn’t a sandwich. I think that the rest of the holiday is going to be less activity based and more of the lead up to the wedding we’re actually here for, so there’ll be a bit more eating at home. I really hope that there’s a pedicure in my immediate future. I wonder if I’ll have to do more than cross my fingers to make that happen.