What does the last of the housewives do?

Month: August, 2012


One’s choir is singing in a grand concert on Sunday and one wishes for some sparkly neckwear. Our choir likes to put on the dog, we invite the State Governor (and she’s coming!), we kit ourselves out in academic gowns and we sing in Latin. My academic gown and hood are red, a result of hanging around at Uni for so long they gave me a PhD to get rid of me. And look at me now, a blogging housewife. But if anyone ever wants to know the characteristics of the liquid crystal smectic C phase, I’m ready, I’m right there. I digress.

What with the gown, the hood and the white collared shirt, there’s only a small patch of neck real estate to decorate. Here’s the design I usually like to wear, I thought I’d go for a neutral this time:


Hmm, might use a proper camera for future jewellery photography. These pendants take me about two hours to make. It’s a bit hard to tell, what with pausing to hang out the washing, removing the cat from my jumper, cursing and leaping to my feet to get the washing in when it starts to rain. I need a stopwatch. The assortment on the left of the photo is an idea for the next one. I’ve made them in lots of different colours, but they make such good gifts that I don’t usually have many on hand. The last one I made I sold while wearing it, which is always a pleasing yet awkward experience.

I think this one has a bit of a Jazz age feel, with the warm greys and the pearls. I’m going to take it for a test run at tonight’s dress rehearsal.

Chicken nuggets

So it’s going to be one of those afternoons of children going hither and yon and requiring food that doesn’t need to be eaten with a knife and fork. Sausages aren’t too bad for this kind of evening, but today they’re getting chicken nuggets. Nice ones. Made with identifiable bits of chicken.

Here are my tips for making chicken nuggets:
1. Don’t go buying your chicken on pension day. The IGA was a seething mass of nonnas, taking turns at manhandling the artichokes and pushing in front each other at the deli counter. I had to elbow one in the ribs to get at the butcher’s fridge.
2. Don’t put them on a baking tray lined with foil unless you really want to increase the aluminium in your diet.
3. Use thighs rather than breasts as they’re a bit more tender. The baking dries them out a bit, and breast is a bit too worthy in this context.

And here’s how.
I chop up six thighs into about twelve pieces each. Then they get the schnitzel treatment, and mine goes like this : dipped in cornflour (REAL cornflour), dipped in egg and milk mix, dipped in breadcrumbs. If you’re going to use Krummies, you may as well buy frozen chicken nuggets, either make your own or get nice ones from a bakery or deli. Lay them on a baking tray lined with baking paper and liberally sprayed with oil. This didn’t occur to me the first time, but they’re not biscuits so they don’t need room to spread, you can pack them in. Spray over the top with oil, again with little or no stint. It’s going to be a lot less than frying them. I’m still not sure how long to bake them, I think I did forty five minutes last time, but I’ll pay attention this time.

And here’s a picture


We had a birthday party on the weekend, and as I am a thrifty housewife, I saved the leftover chips in a Tupperware container. I whizzed them in my miniature food processor and added them to the crumbs. Where would I be without Tupperware?

Strawberry muffins

The muffins are done and some kids are home. Man of the house thought they were delicious. I thought they were nice, but too light. The Horror said the pieces of strawberry were scary and refused to finish it. Difficult to get the Moose’s opinion, as his father is outlining an extremely complicated plan for the last of the soccer trainings, but he is eating it without gagging.


Maybe I should try it with cooked strawberries to avoid startling anyone.

Last of the Housewives

Since we’re becoming an endangered species, and because I’ve been reading a fair bit of Victoriana daily life minutae stuff, I thought it’s time to get down what I do during the day to dispel the vicious rumour that housewives spend their days painting their toenails and playing tennis.  Have you seen my toenails?  I may treat you to a picture in a post in the future.

Suffering from a surfeit of strawberries, I googled a recipe for a strawberry muffin.  The strawberry muffin I usually make is a pound cake recipe with cooked strawberries mixed through it and a touch heavy for the daily kids’ lunchbox.  The top entry on is a terribly worthy looking thing utilising low fat yoghurt (I feel that I should spell it as “yoghourt” in this context) and Splenda corblimey, what is wrong with people these days.  However, I happen to have low fat yoghourt and I’m certainly not stooping to Splenda, white sugar should do nicely, and it’s in the oven right now.  Because I like to believe I’m living in a cooking show, I shall now make some chicken stock.  Muffin picture and kid review to follow.