Last of the Housewives

by mutteringhousewife

Since we’re becoming an endangered species, and because I’ve been reading a fair bit of Victoriana daily life minutae stuff, I thought it’s time to get down what I do during the day to dispel the vicious rumour that housewives spend their days painting their toenails and playing tennis.  Have you seen my toenails?  I may treat you to a picture in a post in the future.

Suffering from a surfeit of strawberries, I googled a recipe for a strawberry muffin.  The strawberry muffin I usually make is a pound cake recipe with cooked strawberries mixed through it and a touch heavy for the daily kids’ lunchbox.  The top entry on is a terribly worthy looking thing utilising low fat yoghurt (I feel that I should spell it as “yoghourt” in this context) and Splenda corblimey, what is wrong with people these days.  However, I happen to have low fat yoghourt and I’m certainly not stooping to Splenda, white sugar should do nicely, and it’s in the oven right now.  Because I like to believe I’m living in a cooking show, I shall now make some chicken stock.  Muffin picture and kid review to follow.