Not ComicCon

by mutteringhousewife

A few weeks ago we turfed our eldest, the Moose, out of his bedroom to accommodate two little girls from my daughter’s school’s Armidale branch. He didn’t have any choice in the matter, but was very gracious about having to sleep on the lounge with a snoring dog on his chest for three nights and being giggled at every time he opened his mouth.

As a reward I offered to take him and his comic book loving friend the Care Bear to an event called Heroes and Villains. It was held at that world of entertainment, Penrith Panthers. That would be in Penrith. Which is a little under sixty kilometres from the Care Bear’s house. Two of its headline attractions were the guy who does Squidward’s voice in Spongebob Squarepants and a chap who was a Kaos agent in the original Get Smart, making him approximately ninety seven years old.

It was a jolly gathering of like minded folk. There were the beyond cliched obese guys with ponytails. The women who cut their own hair. More people than I’d expected came dressed up, as characters that I didn’t recognize. I did recognize a Tom Baker scarf, a Matt Smith lookalike and a sadly accurate Sylvester McCoy. Why would you pick that Doctor?? There were also several people wearing a white bag over their head topped with a fedora hat. It could well have actually just been one fellow who over around a lot, I don’t know. To the fellow in the silver jumpsuit, you may want to rethink boxer shorts as the undergarment of choice for whatever superhero you were. We also spotted Liam Neeson. After a bit of discussion we agreed that he’d need to be a foot taller and not eating a pie to truly fool us, but he was a terrific Qui Gon Jinn.

There were only about twenty stalls, so I got to go around about sixty three times before the boys had had enough, each time assiduously avoiding eye contact with the folks at the Doctor Who Association of Australia who were handing out jelly babies. They were a bit close to the bone for me.

My fair of choice is usually a craft fair. You would think that a gaggle of elderly ladies eagerly poking at the latest line in Japanese print fat squares would be more flatulent than this cheery gang of anime fans. You would be wrong.

I did pick up a sturdy looking water bottle with a Tardis printed on it and a purple shirt with a panda on it for the Muffet, but here is a photo of the Moose’s find of the day


As we were leaving we passed three Storm Troopers who paused to glare at the Care Bear. He look at me, little horrified, and I said “these aren’t the droids you’re looking for”. He smacked himself on the forehead, realizing he’d missed the opportunity of a lifetime. I think he’s going to save that one up for the next Supernova. Because they never would have heard that one before.