What does the last of the housewives do?

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Jewellery as Procrastination

When a housewife has clothes sorting, filing, banking, possibly writing an insurance policy for the choir and treating the dog for yeasty ears on her to do list, her thoughts naturally turn to beading. I actually have some commission work to do, but it’s stuff I’ve done before only in different colours and anyway, I have until Monday. I feel like making something new.

The apple is for size comparison, and because it is a lovely contrasting colour. I’m not totally convinced about the mustard coloured gemstone bead in the centre, but it’s a pretty good fit. The edge isn’t finished because I had the family demanding dinner, so I photographed it to blog about later tonight. Then they went in the pool.

The pattern is from the December 2010 Bead and Button magazine, and I’ve had my eye on it for a while. I’ve not done flat herringbone before, it worked up quite quickly. For those also attempting the pattern, I found that fifty six units wasn’t enough, I had to go for sixty. Also, I didn’t have size eight hex cut beads, but 1.5mm cube beads fit very nicely and still have a contrasting shape. This pattern is a keeper, I’m looking forward to making some in different colours, perhaps next time I have a Treasurer’s report due.


Not procrastinating, beading

I have a Treasurer’s report to write for a committee meeting tomorrow, so I decide to spend the day beading. Come on, my Bead and Button subscription arrived yesterday and it’s actually warm enough to move around the house.

I really liked the look of the Autumnal Spheres project, I do love a beaded bead. After reading through the project, I realise that even though the instructions call them angular spheres, they’re actually cubes. That means you should really do them in delicas, they make a much nicer square. However, if you don’t read the instructions properly and additionally put the headpin through two corners that don’t turn out to be opposite one another, you get a lopsided mess. I wouldn’t recommend using three millimetre Swaros at the corners if you’re using delicas, they’re to big for the gaps. You could leave them out altogether if you wanted to emphasize the cubeyness.

And it’s a tiny bead, about thumbnail sized. I’m filing that one away for possibly redoing in bigger delicas, or maybe in square stitch. Then a bigger face could be supported.

What I was aiming for was a pair of earrings to wear tonight out to dinner with my mates. Still scratching the beaded bead itch, I dug out the components I made for the Galaxy bead featured in an early 2010 Bead and Button magazine. I just couldn’t get it looking right, but couldn’t bear to chop up the components. I had a crack at sewing four together for a pyramid beaded bead to hang upside down off an earring. I suppose you could call the result organic. You could also call it crap, but that would be rude.

I was being too elaborate. So I just took one of the components and did a picot around the edge and hung a tourmaline Swaro off the bottom. I’m pretty sure you can’t get them any more, so I’m careful where I use them. Bingo. Now I just need to to make the other one and find an outfit that goes with them. No, that is not the wrong way around.